Shipment Management


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Shipment Management

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Shipment Management

Shipment Management

  • OCR Shipment Management enables transportation and logistics services providers with a branded, value-added supply chain management system in order to improve their service and manufacturing and retail customer’s experience.
  • The solution provides freight forwarder customers line order visibility through use of the OCR Global Logistics Network. The network enables logistics service providers (LSPs) to configure and brand their supply change management tool for customers to use.
  • OCR’s network team can work with LSPs in order to set up a system for connecting with their customers’ order management systems in order to manage purchase orders, delivery orders, advanced shipment notifications, shipping status events, and acknowledgements.
  • Updated data is captured and put into the the OCR Visibility and Event Management database, which provides updated details and status information of line items.
  • Milestones can be set out for alerting and Carrier Scorecard reporting.
  • This solution can be integrated into other solutions OCR.
  • Key Benefits and Capabilities

    • Comes with three functionalities: tracking and tracing, supply chain reporting, and event management tools
    • Provides data quality services to trading partners, such as multimodal normalization
    • Features configurable reporting as well as performance management, allowing for better control and visibility of inbound and/or outbound shipments

    Sample Customers

    • DHL
    • CVS
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