Shark II Transportation Rugged Tablet Computer<


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Shark II Transportation Rugged Tablet Computer<

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Shark II Transportation Rugged Tablet Computer<

Shark II Transportation Rugged Tablet Computer

The rugged, lightweight Shark II tablet computer provides users with a mobile device that offers the performance needed to run a variety of different industrial and commercial applications. The Shark II is ideal for warehouse management, home delivery, transportation, emergency services, and facilities management applications. The device’s biggest advantage is its versatility. Its light weight and compact design allows it to be carried around and used all day and even stored in a convenient computer bag. The Shark II can also be connected to vehicles with a docking station.

Flexible and Portable

The Shark II offers a wide array of accessories which can be added to adapt the device to your specific application, including a vehicle docking station, port replicator, table stand, wearable solutions, WLAN, WAN, GPS, and Bluetooth. The tablet features a high contrast touch screen which allows for easy use in any lighting condition.

Maximize Uptime

The Shark II features a hot swapping system which allows you to quickly switch batteries without having to reboot the device. The tablet’s high capacity lithium ion battery provides it with many hours of operation.

Built to Meet Real Life Challenges

The Shark II features a rugged design with an IP65 rated sealing which protects the device from rain, dust, cold, and heat. The TraffiCom Shark II meets military standards of shock and vibration endurance and is capable of withstanding multiple drops onto concrete.

Easy to Use

Data can be easily input using the touch screen, external keyboard, or 11 hotkeys. The device can also be paired with a barcode scanner or RFID reader.

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