Sabre 1553 XLR Extra Long Range


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Sabre 1553 XLR Extra Long Range

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Sabre 1553 XLR Extra Long Range
  • Durable Sabre design withstands the harshest environments.  
  • Three-year warranty guarantees customer satisfaction.  
  • Free EasySet configuration utility makes initial scanner set up a snap!  
  • Dual-diode laser engine allows close in and extra long distance scanning.  
  • Aiming beam feature for accurate scanning.

Intermec reaches new heights with the Sabre 1553 Extra Long-Range (XLR) scanner. Able to scan a 100 mil (2.54mm) bar code from as far away as 35 feet, the 1553 XLR offers more than any other long range Intermec product. 

Intermec’s 1553 XLR scanner has far reaching performance. Its dual-diode laser engine lets you scan as close as 4 inches (10.2 cm.) to as far as 35 feet (10.7 meters) from a bar code using a single scanner. No need to buy multiple scanners to handle a variety of scanning distances.

The Sabre 1553 is built to last. The Sabre line of scanners has proven that it excels in harsh environments, whether it’s intense forktruck vibration in the manufacturing plant or distribution center, or extreme field conditions like rain, heat, cold, and dust. With the 1553 XLR, we’ve kept the rugged Sabre design that set the standard for durability, performance, and comfort. The 1553 XLR boasts a rubber overmold, protected window, cable strain relief, and additional features that reduce shock and protect electrical components from rough treatment and tough conditions.

Setting up the 1553 XLR scanner is a snap with EasySet – a software utility for quick and easy configuration of Intermec scanners. No need to page through thick manuals to turn on application features.  With a point and click you can print a barcode that configures your scanner with a single scan. Even better, every 1553 XLR comes with EasySet configuration software free of charge.

If you need to scan the tough to reach spots, reach for Sabre 1553 XLR—your long range scanning solution.

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