STS400 Tire Tracking Imager


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STS400 Tire Tracking Imager

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STS400 Tire Tracking Imager

STS400 Tire Tracking Imager

The STS400 automation imager from Datalogic has been optimized specifically for tire tracking and sorting. It provides top reading performance in a compact and self-contained structure that is simple to install and maintain. The device has been pre-calibrated to make it easy to integrate into an already existing tire system.

In tire manufacturing, tires need to be tracked through every step of the way, from WIP to compliance, and reading the barcodes is critical for this to happen. Reading barcodes on tires is a difficult task though and require omni-directional reading and the ability to capture low aspect ratio codes that may have degraded during the production process. The tracking of tires is made easy with the STS400, which can help improve production efficiency and save costs on compliance management.


  • 100% pre-assembled calibrating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Articulated mounting patterns are avoided with a regulated render layout
  • No moving parts on-board guarantees a longer life and greater reliability
  • Adaptable to changing parameters, like downsized code heights or a switch to cd codes
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