ST2000/R POS Keyboard Wedge/Decoder


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ST2000/C Keyboard Wedge/Decoder ST2010 Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

ST2000/R POS Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

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ST2000/R POS Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

ST2000/R POS Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

The SCANTEAM® 2000 Series of compact, rugged decoders offer improved interfacing options which adds MICR and mag stripe automatic data entry capabilities to NCR, IBM, Nixdorf, Fujitsu, and other POS terminals, CRT terminals, and PCs.

The ST2000 provides parallel (OCR), keyboard wedge, single and dual port serial RS232, IBM 4680, and OCIA synchronous interfacing support. Dual scanner ports provide support for all types of handheld barcode scanners, including SCANTEAM Series solid state lasers, the ST3400 CCD scanner, contact wand scanners, and ST8300 MICR check reader. Support for dual and triple track credit card data input from an ST6901 via an MSR port provides additional flexibility while RS232 data input is enabled via a bidirectional auxiliary port.

The ST2000 Series is a fully programmable device that allows users to configure input formatting to match the application’s needs. An advanced formatting capability and universal design provides investment protection.

The SCANTEAM® 2000 Series is capable of interfacing with most POS and mainframe terminals, as well as PCs, and is capable of improving productivity and accuracy in a variety of retail applications. It allows users to quickly and accurately collect sales data, thereby improving customer satisfaction and enhancing productivity. It also allows users to quickly reconcile in-store and distribution center receipts, reducing the amount of shortages and time spent in receiving processes.

Users can program FLASH E2PROM firmware via cloning, a barcode menu, or factory sets to ensure the device is ready to be used with a variety of applications, both now and in the future. An RS232 port allows interfacing with in-counter or presentation style scanners, MICR check readers, portable data collectors, and PIN pads. Mag stripe data from 3 tracks can be selected and edited in order to conform to card issuer requirements. Users can also edit MICR data to meet check authorization system requirements.

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