ST2000/C Keyboard Wedge/Decoder


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PowerWedge 10 Barcode Decoder ST2000/R POS Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

ST2000/C Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

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ST2000/C Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

ST2000/C Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

The SCANTEAM® 2000 is a rugged, compact keyboard wedge that transmits decoded barcode, MICR, and magnetic stripe data to a variety of terminals, POS devices, and/or PCs via keyboard/terminal communication emulation.

The device provides support for a wide variety of handheld contact and non-contact barcode readers (CCDs, lasers, and wands) as well as MICR and magnetic stripe readers. Flexible interfacing capabilities allow for functionality with a variety of terminals and PCs, including DEC, IBM, HP, NCR< WYSE, Fujitsu, and Nixdorf.

Equipped with a bi-directional auxiliary port, the ST2000 supports integration with RS232 devices (gauges, scales, printers, portable data collection computers, and more). This easy to use, fully programmable device can be configured via barcode menu. Advanced data formatting features allow users to edit transmitted data for optimized performance and improved compatibility with existing applications.

FLASH EPROM cloning and downloading features allow users to access new handheld software releases, providing protection of their investment and allowing them to adapt the device to meet the requirements of new applications. Wide Band Decoding firmware provides unmatched decoding and scanning performance for improved throughput.

The SCANTEAM® 2000 Series are equipped to handle a variety of data entry applications in office, manufacturing, and retail/POS environments. They are designed to improve accuracy and speed in data capturing applications such as remittance processing, document tracking, inventory tracking, asset control, time and attendance, shop floor control, and work-in-process applications.

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