SRS1 Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner


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SRS1 Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner

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SRS1 Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner

Next-Generation Wearable Scanner Offers High Functionality, Low Profile

The lightweight SRS-1 Ring Scanner from Symbol Technologies features the latest miniaturized scan engine and represents the first in a new generation of wearable scanning solutions. Designed and manufactured by the worldwide leader in scanning technology, the SRS-1 is a key system component that enables hands-free mobile computing throughout the workplace. Worn on the index finger, the SRS-1 is the perfect blend of form and function. With a low profile of under 0.5 in./1.3 cm and weighing just about 1 oz./20 gm, it offers unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing users to comfortably pick, scan and pack even in the tightest spaces. The ergonomic design of the SRS-1 maximizes user comfort, with trigger placement equally suited for right or left-handed use. Extremely durable and easy to use, the integrated trigger button is rated to exceed one million impressions. For added reliability, the friction-free Mylar® scan element eliminates wear and tear on moving parts, delivering years of hands-free scanning performance.

Reach Out to Enhanced Productivity, Flexibility

Not only is the SRS-1 compatible with existing WWC 10XX wrist computers, it also future-proofs your investment by ensuring compatibility with Symbol's next-generation wearable wrist units, thereby enhancing flexibility and extending the life of your existing terminals. The extremely bright red/green LED provides highly visible decode confirmations for greater user productivity.

From Fulfillment to Event Admittance, Capture Data Indoors or Out

The SRS-1 Ring Scanner makes data capture a breeze in any environment. Extend hands-free data collection capabilities beyond traditional parcel and baggage processing, warehouse order picking and inventory applications to grab data at any point of activity. From scanning lift tickets at the ski slope to concert and event admittance, the SRS-1 accurately captures data indoors or out. The SRS-1 can be worn over a glove, and is the ideal solution for environments in which employees need both hands to handle fragile goods such as glassware, ceramics, liquids and other precious items.

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