SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial Scanner


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SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial Scanner

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SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial Scanner

SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial Scanner

The SR61XR is Intermec's flagship handheld industrial 2D barcode scanner that eliminates your need to have multiple scanning devices by allowing you to scan extremely near and far codes with high performance - allowing your business to save in the long run.

Intermec's SR61XR industrial scanner is the first on the market to feature integrated far and near area imaging capabilities and offers an unparalleled flexibility with the ability to read omni-directionally and multiple symbologies at distances as far as 50 feet down to just 6 inches. The model, much like the rest of the SR61 scanner line, also has uses a rugged design as well as the option for Bluetooth wireless communications.

The variable distance functionality means that this one device can be used as a single solution replacing multiple purpose-built devices. Because of this versatility, the SR61XR makes the perfect solution to a number of applications including shipping and receiving, picking, inventory management, pallet tracking, cross docking as well as most other common canning applications within the distribution center and warehouse.

The SR61XR is capable of quickly scanning 1D and 2D codes as well as composite and postal codes, it can capture signatures images and documents, read both near and far codes as well as successfully scan poorly printed, damaged and even partially obscured codes in all sorts of lighting conditions. Along with these advanced features, it also delivers unparalleled responsiveness as well as imaging capabilities such as multi-code reading, data parsing as well as video and image capture as standard.

The SR61XR makes scanning under variable lighting conditions, distances as well as angles easy with its laser pointer auto-illumination, omni-directional scanning and center decoding, all of this is combined to improve worker productivity and eliminates the trial and error method of scanning. Even operators of forklifts and vehicles equipped with Intermec's vehicle mount terminals can appreciate the scanning performance of the SR61XR because they can now remain seated and scan the targets at any range.

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