SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner


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SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner

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SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner

SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner

Intermec's SR61HP industrial handheld 2D handheld barcode scanner allows your business to benefit with its unmatched performance in imaging, all within a rugged form.

The SR61HP industrial scanner has been designed and built rugged with applications like warehousing, industrial manufacturing and distribution in mind as well as features which support point of service and proof of delivery applications. Equipped with a high impact and rugged housing, the SR61HP has a solid state design and is virtually impenetrable exceeding the military and industrial standards. The device can easily be counted on when performing in even the harshest of environments - no matter if its dust, extreme temperature or moisture, the SR61HP will endure.

Intermec's SR61HP also features high performance imaging technology integrated straight onto the device which allows for the scanning of any 1D or 2D barcode symbology. It features an unmatched motion tolerance of up to 500 inches per second and supports omni-direction scanning, which makes the SR61HP incredibly responsive at any scanning angle. On top of all this, it also has built in capabilities like data parsing, image/video capture and multi-code reading, making the SR61HP an extremely versatile device.

The device also features numerous scanning configurations which include Bluetooth or tethered wireless, and allows the SR61HP to be tailored to whatever application you need it for - including decoding damaged and poor quality symbols or reading specific barcode symbologies. It also has built in support for most stacked, linear, matrix and composite barcode symbologies, making the SR61HP proofed for whatever the future has in store.

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