SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner


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SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner

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SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner

SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner

The SR31T rugged scanner has been optimized to provide high-performance scanning, ease-of-use, and durability in healthcare applications. It has an ultra-fast time-to-read when compared with similar scanners in its class, and this allows workers to easily and quickly capture data, whether it’s at the pharmacy, admissions desk, laboratory, or elsewhere.

The SR31T has been designed to meet the needs of workers in healthcare and uses EA31 or EA30 imaging engines that provides fast and responsive scanner that can only be found on the fastest scanners. The image engines have high motion tolerance and support omni-directional reading that allows codes to be easily scanned no matter their orientation. The SR31T can also read poor-quality or damaged codes with ease—reducing the need to enter in data manually, and with the introduction of VESTA by Intermec, it can read the small, high-resolution codes that are found on pill bottles, lab slide labels, and patient wristbands. With all these features, scanning is made easy so that your workers can focus on the patients.

The SR13T has been future proofed so that it can continue to adapt to the changing needs and technology of the healthcare environment. It is able to read common 1D, 2D, postal, and PDF symbologies on labels as well as from the screens of tablets, smartphones, and computers. The new innovative imaging technology features snappy scanning and is able to even capture video and images, scan ID cards and documents, read multiple codes, and even perform data parsing routines.

With a certified IP53 enclosure for protection against water, dust, and dirt and a 2 meter drop to concrete specification, the SR31T brings a new level of ruggedness to healthcare scanners and provides longevity in a tough environment. In addition to its durable exterior, the scanner is also made from a specialized plastic that allows it to withstand repeated chemical cleanings.

For simple configuration and deployment, the SR31T features a plug-and-play interface where you simply connect the scanner with the host device and can begin to scan. If your interface changes, you only need to swap out the cable, rather than the entire device, to match your changing needs. The scanner also retains all its configuration settings when the interfaces are swapped, eliminating the need to re-configure your device.

The SR31T also features unique design elements like an over-size LED light pipe that provides 360-degree feedback in any lighting conditions. The colour of the LED can even be changed to suit your business. A number of accessories are also available for the SR31T, expanding its functionality and ensuring that it can meet up to your needs. Scan stands provide hands-free scanning and a number of interface cables mean that the scanner will have no trouble communicating with the host device.

There are a number of configuration options built in to the SR31T and with the EasySet PC programming software, you can adjust the LED colour, beeper volume, haptic feedback, and security settings on the device so that it suits your application needs. For quiet settings, the device can use vibrations rather than a beeper for scan confirmation. When you’re satisfied with the device configuration, you just need to print a configuration barcode and scan it and the device automatically configures itself.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Housing can withstand harsh chemicals from repeated disinfecting
  • High-performance 2D imaging technology
  • IP53 sealing rating and withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
  • Plug-and-play cabling system makes it easy to install and compatible with healthcare management systems
  • Beeper tone, vibration, and LED colour can be customized
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