SP400X Imprinter


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SP400X Imprinter

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SP400X Imprinter

SP400X Imprinter

The SP400X Imprinter is the only scan-and-print device that integrates wireless communications, 2D imaging, and inkjet printing into one compact device. The SP400X has been designed to simplify the processes for high-volume logistics operations that use labelling and scanning for sorting packages.

Designed to be an ideal solution for package delivery, warehousing, and other logistic applications, the SP400X is a robust and portable printing solution that can print labels directly onto packaging and other surfaces, eliminating the time and cost needed to print separate labels.

The SP400X is able to make up to 1250 prints and scans per hour, with scanning and printing speeds at up to two seconds per cycle. Operating on a lithium-ion battery, the SP400X is able to make up to 7000 prints and scans on one charge and with a 2.5 cm cube cartridge, it can print thousands of 0.53” x 2” images. With Wi-Fi compatibility, the SP400X can be easily integrated with your existing systems and allow it to communicate with these systems in real-time.

Operating the SP400X is easy, simply aim the scanner at the 1D or 2D barcode, OCR code, or postal code to capture the data. The data is then sent over the Wi-Fi to the management system which in turn sends info back to the SP400X. The user can now roll the SP400X across the print area and the device applies the image directly onto any package surface.

The SP400X Imprinter has been designed for ease-of-use, and uses hypoallergenic materials to ensure comfort, and it has been given an IP53 rating for sealing against water and dust.

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