SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager


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SG20 General Duty Imager SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner

SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager

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SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager

SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager

The SG20 Healthcare series from Intermec are high-performance yet affordable general duty imagers and are available in a number of models so that the device can be tailored to whatever countertop application your business needs it for.

With the latest innovations in hospitals, there have been improvements in patient tracking, record keeping and safety and scanners are one of the vital devices in these systems, but often are unreliable, slow and not very well suited to fit theneeds of the hospital environment. The SG20 has been engineered specifically with hospital environments in mind, it features the industry's fastest 2D, omnidirectional barcode reading engine and features a motion tolerance that is over 50 times that of the typical scanner. These features ensure that any 2D or 1D barcode can be scanned consistently and quickly, no matter what the angle, without having to fumble with the device and disturb patients.

The SG20 Healthcare scanner also feautres a number of communications options which make the transition to barcode data capture quick and easy by allowing you to connect your installed infrastructure to the device easily via RS232, USB as well as keyboard wedge interfaces - also available is Bluetooth wireless.

In any healthcare environment, infection control is a necessity and data collection hardware is usually situated right at the point of care. Featuring a disinfectant-ready housing, the SG20 can drastically minimize any spread of infections and diseases when it is combined with a frequent disinfecting.

With the option between Bluetooth for a wireless range up to 10 meters or a simple cable connection, you can tailor the device for your needs. On top of this, you also have the option between scan engines, either a 1D/2D high performance engine or, for simpler applications a 1D-only engine. With the SG20, you can standardize your devices across your operation and provide your employees with the right hardware to get the job done. The SG20 also has a number of accessories available, including scan holders and stands which allow for hands-free scanning as well as free up much needed desktop and counter space.

Featuring a streamlined and stylish design, the SG20 is set apart from the more tradition handheld scanners. Careful attention has been devoted to details and extensive testing has been done to ensure that the scanner is not only pleasing on the eye but also has been optimized for comfort, with a smooth and ergonomic grip and trigger.

The curved profile featured on the SG20 makes it perfect when squeezing into tight spaces and the multi-colour, over-sized LEDs make scanning simple with its visual cues confirming when a scan has been successful even in noisy environments. The LED can even be customized and programmed so that it matches the style of your store.

With Intermec's PC programming platform, EasySet, the SG20 is able to be easily and quickly configured to suit any application. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily set up all the programming barcodes for custom applications. With it, you can also adjust the security settings, beeper tone, LED colour, and symbologies - you are even able to set up data-editing routines.

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