SG10T General Duty Linear Imager


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SG10T General Duty Linear Imager

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SG10T General Duty Linear Imager

SG10T General Duty Linear Imager

The SG10T is a general duty handheld barcode reader that is affordable, simple and reliable and has been designed just for medium to small sized businesses. This device easily reads all the common 1D barcodes and features a no hassle set up, no wireless connections that need to be configured and no accessories to complete your solution. If all your business needs is to read 1D barcodes, the SG10T is straightforward, easy to set up and is the best choice for the job.

By using scanners and barcodes, a business can track its assets and valuable inventory with increased efficiency and accuracy, and Intermec's SG10T handheld barcode reader can give businesses an affordable, reliable and easy solution to receive the benefits of scanning during their daily operations. The SG10T is capable of reading all 1D codes and its simple and no strings attached set up means that this straightforward approach is the best when you want to scan 1D barcodes.

The SG10T comes with everything you need to begin scanning those 1D codes, all you need to do is plug it in and begin scanning. The SG10T is ready for the task at hand, whether it's scanning the traditional UPC/EAN as well as scanning GS1 databar symbols this makes set up quick with no training necessary and can be used in all sorts of applications including, library desks, retail POS, medical, banking, insurance, government offices as well as law firms. The SG10T features an point and shoot form which is intuitive and allows your workers to easily and quickly perform any 1D barcode reading application. It also is compatible with EasySet, Intermec's PC programming software and with it, your business will produce the programming barcodes to get you started for all custom applications with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Intermec's SG10T has been designed with reliability and ruggedness in mind, using a solid state and rugged housing, you can depend on the SG10T to get the job done. It is also back by a lengthy 3 year warranty. Despite the affordable price and ruggedness, the SG10T does not sacrifice any of the performance or style and features a point and shoot designed to make the device speedy at reading codes and easy to use, making it a great choice for counter top reading at the entry level. Intermec's SG10T has everything your business needs to start reading 1D barcodes, including ease of use, reliability and price that is affordable.

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