SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner


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SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner

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SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner

Unique form factor and quick attach/release mechanism for truly “hands-free” scanning
Bluetooth™ radio enabled for a cordless connection to Intermec terminals and personal computers
Intermec EV10 linear scan engine delivers unparalleled flexibility by reading high density, PDF and standard range bar codes
Industrial durability stands up to harsh environments and multiple drops
Small size is easily articulated in your hand for scanning

The combination of a flashlight style form factor and magnetic attach/release mechanism of the new Intermec® SF51 cordless scanner renders a compact, unique scanning device that easily fits in your hand or clipped to your waist. An extremely durable scanner with a wireless personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth™ communication protocol, the SF51 can cordlessly connect to Intermec terminals including the CV60, CK30, and 700 Series, without a base station, delivering an affordable, high performance solution for scan intensive applications.

Up to seven SF51s can connect to a single host with an easy association. Simply scan a bar code to establish a link to a new host device.

With its unique form factor and patent pending, quick attach / release mechanism, the SF51 scanner takes “hands free scanning” to a new level. Instead of mounting the scanner onto the user’s hand or fingers and thereby restricting their use, the SF51 is designed to be worn on the waist, wrist, or chest with a very easy attach/release mechanism that can be used without looking at it. This allows the user to quickly and easily access and release the scanner when it’s needed, and when done scanning, reattach the SF51 for un-inhibited use of their hands.

The SF51 utilizes the Intermec EV10, an innovative linear scan engine with new APS CMOS technology. It delivers unparalleled flexibility by combining high density, PDF417 and standard range bar code reading in one scan engine. The solid state scan engine delivers a snappy 200 scans per second, easily reading poor quality and damaged bar codes from up to 50cm away.

A ten hour battery life delivers 5000+ scans, and only needs a one hour recharge to reach 70% battery life, making the SF51 an ideal accessory for mobile or vehicle mounted computers that support scan-intensive applications within the following vertical markets: Logistics/Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

For package tracking applications, the SF51 provides an affordable, extremely durable, yet lightweight cordless scanning solution to optimize the flow of the product from shipper to receiver. With direct store delivery applications, the SF51 acts as a peripheral scanning device to a radio-enabled PDA when applications demand 50 or more scans and the PDA proves to be less than ideal.

The 100+ foot range of the SF51 allows the user to leave the more expensive host device in their truck while performing routine scanning tasks. In warehousing and distribution, the SF51 is the ideal accessory to a vehicle mount computer because it allows the forklift driver to locate, remove and reattach the device without removing his eyes from the computer screen. In addition, the scanner is safely “stored” in a location that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view with cables or mounting brackets.

The primary distribution application for the SF51 is picking as the scanner allows the user to be “hands-free” after easily reattaching the scanner to the magnetic clip, enabling the worker to quickly and easily pick products with both hands.

Within the manufacturing market, the SF51 will be used in work-in-process applications, especially when large scale products such as airplanes, trucks, and large appliances are being assembled and there is the need to get into tight spaces without the restrictions of a traditional cabled scanner or when a PDA is too large and inconvenient to scan the barcode.

The 70 decibel speaker emits a clear beep, in addition to a vibration to indicate “good read”, to overcome extremely noisy environments.

Used as part of a “power cart” system, or alone, for the dispersion of drugs to hospital patients, the SF51 with its harmless illumination is a safe scanning choice for healthcare. Its small form factor and ability to effortlessly attach to the magnetic tether leaving the healthcare worker’s hands free, not only lessens the misplacement of the scanner in a patient’s room, but gives the worker un-inhibited use of their hands.

The SF51 accessories include single and 4-bay chargers, belt-mounted, wrist-mounted and chest mounted holsters, and a USB Bluetooth adapter.

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