SE9100 Embedded High-Speed Barcode Reader


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SE9100 Embedded High-Speed Barcode Reader

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SE9100 Embedded High-Speed Barcode Reader

Compact Omni-Directional Scan Engine for Embedded High-Speed, Hands-free Applications

Symbol's new SE 9100 scan engine establishes new levels of performance and convenience for all your high-speed scanning requirements. The SE 9100 provides exceptional performance on bar codes, including highly truncated bar codes with poor aspect ratios. And unlike many projection scan engines, it provides super fast "swipe" scanning capability, as well as standard "presentation" scanning. Compact and durable, the SE 9100 is designed to deliver: 

  • High-speed pattern repetition rate -- 1,333 scan lines per second supports maximum throughput for the highest productivity scanning available.  
  • 20-line "cross hatch" scan pattern -- A true omni-directional scan engine, the SE 9100 provides dense line coverage from the face of the scanner to as far away as 8 in./20.32 cm allowing quick "swipe" scanning. The SE 9100 can also read from a left to right or right to left orientation to ensure a fast, accurate scan with minimal presentation.

20 MHz 16-bit decoder -- super fast decoder supports "swipe" scanning.

Compact size [3.25 in. H (8.2 cm) x 2.5 in. (6.3 cm) W x 5.25i n. (13.3 cm) D] -- allows you to put the SE 9100 to work in almost any host device without wasting valuable space.

Flexibility to suit your environment

Easy to use and easy to integrate, the SE 9100 is programmable via an RS-232 connection and can download parameters with or without the use of programmable bar codes. Integrate into your host device for superior POS performance, or incorporate into your PCK device for fast and accurate verifications on the sales floor. Or use the SE 9100 in products designed for backroom receiving and office-related functions requiring a combination of high-speed performance and aggressive scanning.

The SE 9100: the most technically advanced omni-directional scan engine available today. And it's from Symbol Technologies, the world leader in bar code-driven data transaction systems.

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