SE4400 OEM Imager Scan Engine


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SE4400 OEM Imager Scan Engine

SE4400 OEM Imager Scan Engine

The Symbol SE4400 Imager scan engine is designed for optimal integration into OEM devices. It is perfect for a growing number of applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, kiosk, security/identification, tape storage, small item identification and parcels.

Its companion decoder, the PL4407, controls camera functions and decodes all 1D and 2D symbologies omni-directionally. The PL4407 is available as a ball grid array (BGA) component or integrated on a printed circuit board.

  • Miniature form factor 
  • 2D VGA CCD sensor 
  • Bi-focus system 
  • Aiming system 
  • Illumination 
  • Simple Serial Interface (SSI) 
  • Optional Software Developer's Kit (SDK)
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