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SAP Asset Tracking & Compliance Software

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SAP Asset Tracking & Compliance Software

SAP Asset Tracking & Compliance Software

When it comes to mobilizing the process of physical asset auditing OCR has the right solution. Asset Trak is a revolutionary mobile asset auditing solution that integrates with legacy asset management solutions. Asset Trak extends the ROI on your existing IT investments by working with the applications and databases you use now for tracking physical assets. Asset Trak leverages one- button import/export functionality to simplify the sending and receiving of asset records from your legacy asset management solution to Asset Trak. With unlimited custom form capabilities Asset Trak molds itself to your requirements in just minutes. Used today by Agri-Foods Canada, Asset Trak integrates with the Agri-Foods SAP physical asset management system. Auditors across Canada can work independently in their own region with a common integration and audit process methodology.


  • Asset “Audit" is an independent examination  
  • “Audit” clarifies status and value of resources  
  • It is a documented and systematic tool  
  • “Audit” should be done periodically by independent and qualified people  
  • The “Audit" process is a checking system and not a quality control system  
  • As a validation tool for management all auditors have do their ‘auditing’ well


  • Provides status and value of physical assets  
  • Identify problems early and plan for corrective and preventive actions with timelines defined  
  • Achieve better allocation of resources  
  • Able to predict and avoid big problems  
  • Continuous improvement from asset auditing


  • Lack of policy reduces accuracy of audit 
    • Identification of assets or actual audit requirements 
  • Lack of procedure reduces accuracy of data collected during the audit process 
    • Required fields to be completed or are they optional? 
  • Lack of methodology reduces audit team’s ability to maintain level of quality across departments and offices or plants in different regions
    • Using modern process or paper based forms?  
    • Lack of training & skill due to inadequate policy?  
    • Who is auditing the auditors quality?


  • Paper based solutions too costly  
  • Mobile solution ensures accuracy  
  • Software guides auditor through process  
  • Simplified methodology and procedures  
  • Smart design hides complex audit rules  
  • On-board information for quick selection


  • Many non-mobilized asset solutions exist  
  • Asset Trak designed to work with them all  
  • Customizable asset forms ‘mirror’ exactly  
  • Includes import/export and direct approach  
  • Provides store-forward or real-time access  
  • “One-click” approach to ease integration


  • One-Click integration with SAP data  
  • One-Click transfer of SAP data to device  
  • Mobile device auditing using SAP data  
  • Mobile device auditing with Camera  
  • One-Click import of audited data / images  
  • One-Click export into Excel and SAP



Asset Trak Manager was designed to simplify the importing of different record groups from the Ministries SAP server. Record groups may include: Assets, cost centre's, physical locations, and functional locations. Asset records are used as the primary source for storing the detail about the assets that will be inspected and or audited. Other record groups are used to assist the user when performing an audit. They are generally used for populating combo box list options.

When the records are exported from SAP they are saved to the local disk drive within the SAP CLIENT applications notebook. The exported SAP files should be saved as tab delimited format with a .TXT file extension. Each file must have a unique name to ensure they do not overwrite each other during the export from SAP process.

Asset Trak Manager provides a simple mechanism for importing the SAP records for use with Asset Trak Mobile forms. Two (2) buttons are provided in Asset Trak Manager that begin the import process. If either of the import buttons are clicked a file chooser dialog window will open, where the SAP export files may be located and selected. Once the file is selected Asset Trak Manager does the rest. It is important to use the Ministry approved column schema. The columns of the exported data must match the requirements defined by the Ministry.

  • Ministry supplied SAP CLIENT exports different record groups from SAP, saves into .TXT files  
  • Record groups may include: Assets, cost centre’s, physical locations, and functional locations  
  • Asset Trak Manager imports the SAP records for use with the Asset Trak Mobile forms

NOTE: no application limit exists for the number of SAP tables that may be imported into Asset Trak Manager. If new combo box options are added to the mobile device form then it is possible to use a different SAP file for populating the list choices for each combo box defined in the mobile device form.



Once asset records have been audited using Asset Trak Mobile they must be recovered from the Asset Trak Mobile device and imported into the SAP SERVER. Asset Trak Manager was designed to simplify this process with a few clicks of the mouse.


When the records are exported from SAP they are saved to the local disk drive within the SAP CLIENT applications notebook. The exported SAP files are saved using tab delimited format and use a .TXT file extension. The user is presented with a file save dialog window and must enter in a name for the file before it will be saved. Once saved the file is available for use with the Ministry supplied SAP CLIENT application.

Asset Trak Manager provides a simple mechanism for exporting the SAP records for use with the SAP CLIENT application. One (1) button is provided in Asset Trak Manager that begins the export process.

  • Asset Trak Manager detects the connection of the Asset Trak Mobile device when docked  
  • Asset Trak Manager downloads the Asset Trak Mobile device database to the local disk drive  
  • Asset Trak Manager reads the audited records in the Asset Trak Mobile database  
  • Asset Trak Manager exports the audited records using the Ministry supplied SAP import rules  
  • SAP CLIENT is then used to import the audited records into the SAP SERVER

NOTE: each time Asset Trak Manager downloads the Asset Trak Mobile database it is saved with a unique name that is made from the actual date and time of when the database was downloaded.



Microsoft has provided a mechanism for connecting PC’s running the Microsoft Windows operating system to mobile devices running the Microsoft Windows mobile device operating system.

Introducing Microsoft ActiveSync

For PC’s using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system the installation of Microsoft ActiveSync is required before the PC and the device can communicate. For PC’s running Microsoft Windows Vista operating system the installation of Microsoft ActiveSync is not required and is included with Vista. Microsoft ActiveSync is a free application available from the Microsoft application downloads section of the Microsoft web site.

Once ActiveSync is installed the PC is now prepared for connectivity to a Windows Mobile powered device. The device may be connected to a PC via USB cable. The USB cable may be connected directly to the device or into the device’s docking station if one exists. If this is the first time the device is connected ActiveSync will detect the connection and establish the connectivity requirements by asking for confirmation on a few options for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook and Browser related information. If this is not the first time the device is connecting to ActiveSync then no questions will be asked and connectivity will be established instantly.

Asset Trak Manager will be able to communicate with the mobile device through ActiveSync. If there is an ActiveSync connection to the mobile device then Asset Trak Manager will be aware of the device. Certain options in Asset Trak Manager become enabled or disabled depending on the status of the device’s connectivity. You cannot attempt to read the device’s database if the device is not docked for example.

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