S7000 Wireless RF Switch


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S7000 Wireless RF Switch

S7000 Wireless RF Switch

Power your expansive wireless network.

Get the performance and scalability you need to propel your large, high-bandwidth wireless network.

Built on Motorola's Wi-NG architecture, the RFS7000 enables campus-wide roaming across subnets with a wireless switch that improves failover capabilities, enhances quality of service, increases voice capacity and provides superior security.

Features and benefits of the RFS7000:
  • Single-point control lowers the overall cost of deployment and administration 
  • Multi-core/multithreaded design handles as many as 5,000 mobile devices, up to 256 802.11 a/b/g access ports or 50 802.11n access ports, and up to two Gbps of encrypted traffic 
  • Security without sacrificing performance via intrusion detection, an IPSec VPN gateway, secure guest access and protection against denial-of-service attacks

High performance, high bandwidth RF switch for large scale deployments

Robust, scalable features for demanding enterprise networks

Designed for large scale, high bandwidth deployments, the RFS7000 Wireless Switch from Motorola provides robust, highly scalable support for seamless enterprise mobility. Motorola's Wi-NG architecture, optimized for enterprise mobility and multimedia applications, simplifies network deployment and management, provides superior performance, security and scalability, and supports emerging RF technologies. Built on this platform, the RFS7000 enables campuswide roaming across subnets, and offers powerful failover capabilities, exceptional quality of service (QoS) and increased voice capacity. Integrated security features include intrusion detection and protection, secure guest access and protection against denial of service attacks.

Raising the bar on enterprise-class performance

Taking advantage of multicore/multithreaded architecture, the RFS7000 is intended for large scale, high bandwidth enterprise deployments. It is designed to handle from 8,000 to 50,000 mobile devices, up to 256 802.11 dual-radio a/b/g access ports, up to 2500 dual radio a/b/g APs in a cluster and it will support upcoming 802.11n access ports. Failover capabilities and cluster management provide high availability, ensuring an "always-on" network. Whether your business requires wireless deployment across multiple buildings, high-capacity systems or deployment in large public access areas, the RFS7000 delivers it — efficiently and securely.

Converged RF management for cutting-edge enterprise mobility

In addition to providing enterprise-class performance, the RFS7000 is designed to support seamless mobile access to multiple RF networks, with the exceptional security and manageability that you’ve come to expect from Motorola. 

Interfaces to locationing systems simplify asset tracking throughout your network, while Layer 3 roaming and external fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) solutions allow personnel to seamlessly roam from subnet to subnet, and from cellular to Wi-Fi networks. When used in concert with enterprise-class application-intensive Wi-Fi handheld devices, the RFS7000 enhances fast roaming capabilities.

The RFS7000 provides comprehensive network security features that maintain constant compliance of HIPAA and PCI standards, including integrated MAC-based authentication, intrusion detection, AAA/Radius server (for WPA/WPA2 termination on the box) and hotspot provisioning capabilities for secure guest access. The stateful packet inspection firewall offers protection against denial of service attacks while optimizing network traffic.

Features Benefits
Centralized multicore/multithreaded architecture Security and high performance for bandwidth-heavy applications; a single point of management lowering the overall cost of network deployment and administration
Unified RF management platform Improve business process flow and enable data sharing by managing multiple RF networks, such as wi-fi , RFID, 802.11n and Wi-MAX, on a single switch
L2 and L3 roaming Seamless roaming of mobile clients across even complex distributed networks
Comprehensive layered security Exceptional level of data and network protection without sacrificing fast roaming
Clustering and load balancing Ensures an "always-on" highly available network for superior performance; supports multiple levels of redundancy and failover capabilities

Wireless Networking
Wireless LAN: Supports 250 WLANs; multi-ESS/BSSID traffic segmentation; VLAN to ESSID mapping; Auto Assignment of VLANs (on RADIUS authentication); Power Save Protocol Polling; pre-emptive roaming; congestion control
Access ports: Supports 1-256 "thin" access ports; automatic access port adoption with ACLs; access port load balancing; direct sequence access point-to-access port conversion
Layer 2 or Layer 3 deployment of Access Ports
Layer 3 Mobility (Inter-Subnet Roaming)
Supported access ports and access points: AP300 (802.11a/b/g ready)(L2 or L3 Deployments) WLAN – GRE Tunnel Mapping
Radio frequency automatic channel select (ACS); transmit power control management: (TPC); country code-based RF configuration; 802.11b – 3 non-overlapping channels; 802.11a—11 non-overlapping channels; 802.11g—3 non-overlapping channels (ready)
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