RS309 Hands-Free Warehouse Barcode Scanner


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RS309 Hands-Free Warehouse Barcode Scanner

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RS309 Hands-Free Warehouse Barcode Scanner

Maximize productivity throughout your entire warehouse with this high-performance hands-free scanner.

Improve productivity in picking, packing and put-away operations from the warehouse aisles to the freezer with the RS309. Part of the WT4000 Series wearable system, this device provides the first-time every time accurate scanning and real-time wireless connectivity needed to error-proof your processes and enable real-time inventory visibility for a rapid return on investment. And the rugged design delivers maximum uptime and a low total cost of ownership.

Features and benefits of the RS309:
  • Back-of-the-hand design frees operator's hands to handle material 
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design ensures user comfort for a full shift 
  • Accurate scanning for all one-dimensional bar codes, including poorly printed, damaged and low-contrast codes 
  • Supports the new Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) standard, extending the life of your investment 
  • Wide scanning range is ideal in industrial applications where bar codes are often scanned at distances longer than an arm's length

High performance hands-free scanning in demanding environments

Equip your workers with high-performance hands-free scanning with the RS309 Wearable Scanner from Symbol Technologies. Part of the WT4000 Series Wearable System, the device is worn on the back of the hand, and delivers accurate and dependable scanning as well as all day comfort for workers picking items to fill orders in the warehouse. Regardless of which 1D bar code symbologies you utilize, or even if symbols are poorly printed, damaged or low-contrast, you can depend on superior reliability for the instant capture of information. And with a wide scan range, the RS309 provides the flexibility to meet the needs of multiple applications in your warehouse with a single costeffective device.

Rugged and flexible enough for the most demanding environments

The RS309 is ruggedly built to withstand demanding industrial environments, such as those found in warehouses, transportation and logistics operations, distribution centers and manufacturing sites. The housing, now a darker color, retains its new appearance longer. The scanner's bright laser diode means the scan line is easy to see in nearly any lighting condition — indoors and outdoors. The IP54 sealing of the RS309 ensures reliable operation, even when exposed to moisture or dusty environments. And when condensation is an issue, for example, when moving back and forth between freezer and non-freezer environments, there is a model that offers a fieldreplaceable desiccant pack to absorb moisture and help ensure reliable operation in spite of exposure to wide temperature swings. 

Easy to use at any scanning distance

The RS309 delivers exceptional mid- to longer-range scanning in a small package — ideal in industrial applications where bar codes are often scanned from distances longer than an arm's length. The easyto- use device requires little or no training — simply aim and press the trigger switch. And an innovative "aim spot" is used to guide the scan beam, enabling first time accurate scanning at any distance within the available scanning range.

Advanced ergonomics for superior comfort and safety

The comfortable and practical RS309 is designed for right- or lefthand use. Positioned out of the way on the back of the hand, the weight of the scanner is evenly distributed, ensuring that it can be worn for a full shift without fatigue. The device is easily triggered by a low-profile thumb-activated switch that fits securely on an index finger. The adjustable glove is easily removed, fits hands of all sizes and is completely washable. And to protect workers from injury, the cable that links the scanner to the trigger breaks away easily. 

Low total cost of ownership

When it comes to smart technology investments, the RS309 delivers. From order picking and packing to put-away and more, the RS309 provides the real-time data required to ensure accuracy of item selection for customer orders as well as a real-time view of inventory. Business processes are streamlined and employee productivity is increased, delivering a rapid return on investment. The highly rugged design combines with Symbol’s service offerings to ensure maximum uptime for a low total cost of ownership. Symbol’s full complement of services — including maintenance and support — help ensure peak performance and further maximize uptime to help derive full value from your investment.

Features Benefits
Hands-free scanning Back-of-the-hand design frees operator's hands to move packages, products or materials, improving efficiency and productivity
SE1224HP scan engine New fuzzy logic decoding algorithms provide premium scanning for all one-dimensional codes including poorly printed, damaged or low-contrast bar codes
Supports new Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) standard Broadens the range of your scanning capabilities and protects your investment
650 nm bright laser diode Easy to see scan line, even in outdoor applications
Longer-range scanning performance Easily captures bar code data on labels that are out of reach
Innovative aim spot Helps position scan beam for fast and accurate long-range bar code scanning
Ergonomic design Ensures user comfort and protects against fatigue
RoHS compliant Meets RoHS requirements
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