RH767 Mobile Computer


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RH767 Mobile Computer

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RH767 Mobile Computer

RH767 Mobile Computer

Unitech’s RH767 UHF Mobile Computer features a rugged design and is capable of reading UHF RFID and barcodes. It is capable of reading both EPC Gen 1 and 2 RFID tags and is shipped with built in RFID middleware as well as Windows CE 5.0. It features WLAN 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity capabilities.

The RH767 HF Mobile Computer is a multi-tag HF RFID barcode reader with a rugged design. It is capable of reading 1443A/B RFID and 15963/ISO tags and is shipped with RFID middleware as well as Windows CE 5.0 already installed. For wireless capabilities, the RH767 HF offers WLAN802.11 b/g, GPRS, and Bluetooth® connectivity.


  • RFID reader (HF or UHF) and barcode scanner
  • Runs on Windows CE 5.0 Professional Plus
  • Pre-installed RFID Middleware
  • 1.2 meter drop tested and IP55 rated
  • Lightest in class UHF model
  • Bluetooth connectivity and optional WLAN 802.11b/g capabilities
  • HF model features GPRS via PCMCIA port

The RH767 Mobile Computer features a backlit, 36-key keypad which can be toggled to switch between alphabetical, numerical, or functional input for direct input applications. Its touchscreen is also capable of being used for input as well as navigation.

The UHF and HF models of the RH767 have a rugged design and are capable of enduring multiple drops onto concrete and have earned IP55 ratings due to its sealing which protects it from dust and water. Its battery is capable of powering the RH767 for up to 20 hours, which ensures that your workers experience minimal downtime. The device is ideal for inventory management in retail applications, logistic applications, and manufacturing applications.

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