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RFID Services and Software

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RFID Services and Software

RFID Services and Software

More and more, companies are taking advantage of the benefits of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and it represents one of the fastest growing sectors of the information technology (IT) and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industries.

At OCR, our project managers, sales, and software developers, with their rich project management and engineering backgrounds, can help develop a successful RFID system tailored to meet your needs.

We have created strategic alliances through certification with Intermec, Symbol, Alien, Samsys, Zebra, SATO and Cognitive to position ourselves to respond to growth in the EPC Global Standard 915MHz Generation 2 specification.

RFID technologies can be integrated into virtually every sector of commerce, industry, and service provision where data must be collected in order to improve efficiency. RFID functionality is complimentary to other data capturing systems and can satisfy particular application needs which cannot be met by alternative technologies.

Already working RFID solutions and pilot projects have been deployed in the following categories:

  • Portable Data Capture systems
  • Networked systems
  • Positioning systems

Mobile data capturing systems, which make use of handheld data terminals with RFID reading capabilities, are ideal for use in applications where there is a high degree of variability in sourcing required data amongst RFID tagged items. Handheld readers are capable of capturing data and transmitting it to a host information management system.

Networked systems generally consist of fixed position readers spread throughout a site which are connected directly to a networked information management system. Transponders are then positioned on moving or moveable items, or people.

Transponders are used within the system in order to facilitate automated navigation and location support for guided vehicles. Readers can be positioned on vehicles and linked to the on-board computer. Transponders can be embedded into the floor and configured to include the necessary identification and location data. A reader antenna, which is usually positioned underneath the vehicle, allows for closer proximity to embedded transponders.

Let our RFID team provide you with a feasibility study to see if an RFID solution is the right solution for your business. Our RFID team can assist with feasibility studies, custom software, installation and support.

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