RFID Inventory Asset Management Solution


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RFID Inventory Asset Management Solution

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RFID Inventory Asset Management Solution

RFID Inventory Asset Management Solution

A wide variety of industries rely on critical assets to succeed. While asset types may vary across industries, a common need to organize and manage these assets is key. Any item which is used in the work process but does not leave the workplace as part of the finished product can be integrated into the asset management system with RFID tracking. RFID technology provides enterprise companies with the ability to track and manage critical assets. It provides real-time asset tracking and provides unprecedented accuracy, visibility, and security.

Features and Benefits

Asset Management Benefits

RFID systems can be deployed in any industry to automate and error-proof asset and equipment tracking.

  • Increase productivity – minimize downtime and missing/misplaced equipment, allowing your employees to have more time to work
  • Enhanced asset maintenance – ensure critical and routine maintenance procedures are carried out
  • Improved efficiency – secure access to stock rooms to protect your equipment without the need for human intervention
  • Increased asset utilization – Allows for better management decisions and reduces the need to purchase or lease extra equipment or spare parts
  • Reduce operational and capital costs – Reduce costs associated with the loss of assets
IT Asset Management Benefits
  • Enhanced IT asset process automation and utilization – using RFID technology, IT assets can be identified and located automatically, extending asset lifetimes
  • Improved service – increase operational uptime with efficient swap, replacement, and maintenance of IT assets
  • Regulatory Compliance – RFID technology can be used to achieve Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance in order to reconcile assets claimed on books with assets in possession
  • Lower energy consumption – RFID technologies are capable of monitoring and moderating power usage within data centers
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