RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking Solution


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RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking Solution

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RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking Solution

RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking Solution

To patients, quality customer care, which is considered a mission to you and your staff, is an experience which is measured by time and attention provided. A patient’s experience usually begins the moment they enter the facility and continues even long after they leave.

RFID tracking allows you to accurately track supplies, equipment, as well as other assets in order to use and manage them more efficiently. Improved management frees up more time and resources which can be devoted to your patients.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate inventory tracking – Workers can count on availability of equipment stocks, such as thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, and IV equipment. Staff will know when wheelchairs, beds, and other equipment is available, allowing for faster room/patient turnover
  • Increased staff productivity – Less time spent tracking down inventory and more time for attending to patients
  • Reduced costs – reduction in loss of assets reduces the need to quickly order products at premium prices
  • Improved patient care – Critical equipment can be quickly located and automated inventory updates ensure that supplies and medications are available
  • Enhanced security – Improved media accountability and tracking of data helps to protect sensitive data
  • Compliance with regulations- easily comply with regulations set out by the Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • Improved maintenance scheduling – easily locate equipment using RFID technology, allowing for maintenance procedures to be correctly performed

RFID Healthcare Applications

  • Asset tracking – track surgical instruments, medical equipment, and other medical assets
  • Asset Tracking for IT for tracking servers, COW/WOWs and other IT assets
  • Manage inventory of medication, high-value supplies, and other supplies
  • Track patients
  • Document and data file tracking
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