RFID Asset Transportation Solution


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RFID Asset Transportation Solution

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RFID Asset Transportation Solution

RFID Asset Transportation Solution

Challenges associated with travel and transportation must be faced by a wide variety of industries. Without a system to efficiently move goods from point to point in the supply chain, many businesses fail. The RFID Asset Transportation solution offers you a system to transport assets faster, cheaper, and more safely. Reduce incidence of lost goods and luggage, improve passenger safety and enhance tracking capabilities of goods being transported with this RFID solution from Motorola.


As globalization becomes more prominent, companies need to find methods to improve the efficiency of transportation operations as well as reduce costs associated with them in order to provide a better customer service experience. The rising demand for delivery of goods is causing transportation service companies to seek out cheaper and faster methods of delivery with enhanced tracking capabilities.

RFID solutions for the logistics and transportation industry (consisting of air, water, rail, parcel/post delivery, truck, transit, pipeline, etc.) provide companies with the tools to accurately track and manage their assets throughout the transportation process, including vehicles and equipment.

RFID solutions allow for increased visibility into yard management, asset maintenance, pickup and delivery, and dispatch processes and improve customer service.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhance asset management – Features fleet tracking capabilities
  • Improve customer service – Improve accuracy and quantity of on-time deliveries
  • Improve efficiency – Minimize inventory carrying and labour costs while improving the efficiency of loading, delivery, and tracking processes
  • Reduce loss of inventory – Reduce loss of cargo caused by mishandling, theft, or expiration by using improved tracking techniques
  • Improve safety – Offers a system for secure freight transportation
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