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QuickStore Point of Sale Software(1)

QuickStore Point of Sale Software(1)


From point-of-sale transactions to inventory, vendor and customer management, Wasp QuickStore provides the functionality your retail operation needs, while improving efficiency and reducing operating cost. This affordable solution makes large-business operations accessible to companies of all sizes.

Use Wasp QuickStore software to increase your sales and customer service levels. Tracking of customer purchase history and detailed demographic information allows you to tailor discounts and promotions to specific, targeted groups. Gather demographic information to offer personalized attention to your customers, including birthday cards and new product announcements. Added-value benefits like these drive first-time customers to become repeat customers.

For small retailers, tracking inventory and managing the reorder process can be a full-time job. Wasp QuickStore POS software includes a variety of integrated inventory management tools designed to ease the burden of inventory tracking. Create detailed discrepancy reports using QuickStore’s advanced reporting functionality. Utilize the automatic reorder function for products to ensure that your customers will never find their favorite product out-of-stock. Designed for single-site businesses or centrally-owned businesses with multiple retail outlets, QuickStore offers improved efficiency and tracking with an affordable price tag.

This ready-to-use retail point of sale solution includes:

  • QuickStore Point of Sale Standard Software 
  • 1 Checkout Lane License 
  • 1-Year Maintenance Subscription – includes unlimited technical support

Ideal for:

Wasp QuickStore is the ideal point-of-sale solution for small to medium-sized retailers, offering quick and easy customer checkout and inventory management. Ready to use right out of the box, QuickStore features intuitive help-menus for simple set-up and integration. Wasp QuickStore is perfect for a variety of retailers, including:

  • Apparel stores 
  • Bicycle shops 
  • General merchandisers 
  • Jewelry shops 
  • Specialty retailers 
  • Gift shops 
  • Sporting goods stores 
  • Service vendors, including nail salons and beauty shops

    Common Uses for Point of Sale Software

  • Rapid checkout at retail stores
    • Create barcoded price tags for visibility of pricing and easy product-look up
    • Ideal for retailers with a large assortment of products, including hobby shops, apparel stores, and book stores. 
  • Accurately and easily track inventory
    • Recommended for retailers with high product turns, including gift shops and general merchandisers.
    • Receive shipments, automatically update stock levels at the time of sale, and create automatic reorders. 
  • Gather and utilize customer data, including demographic and purchase history
    • Perfect for the creation of frequent buyer cards at specialty stores and service retailers, including nail and beauty salons 
    • Increase the sales of complimentary products with targeted promotions at bicycle shops and sporting goods stores

    System Requirements

    • A PC and monitor are required to run QuickStore software 
    • Windows 2000, XP (SP2), Vista (32-bit), Server 2003 (32-bit), Server 2008 (32-bit) 
    • Pentium 4 (500 MHz) or better processor 
    • 512Mb RAM minimum (1Gb recommended) 
    • 500Mb of available hard drive 
    • CD-ROM Drive (for software installation) 
    • Network connection on PC (when operating in network environment)
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