QuickScan QS2500 Hands-Free Tabletop Scanner


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QuickScan QS2500 Hands-Free Tabletop Scanner

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QuickScan QS2500 Hands-Free Tabletop Scanner

QuickScan QS2500 Hands-Free Tabletop Scanner

The QuickScan® QS2500 handheld scanner is the newest linear imager in the QuickScan® line of products. Equipped with a powerful scan engine that provides a scanrate of 200 scans per second and an extended depth-of-field, the QS2500 is ideal for use in a variety of environments, including office, retail, and light-industrial applications. It provides fast and accurate readings of even poorly printed or damaged barcode labels. The QS2500 is capable of reading a wide variety of barcode symbologies, including PDF417 and Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). Flash memory allows for simple software upgrades, programming, and label editing.

A compact, durable design offers users a flexible device that provides reliable, consistent use. Constructed with no moving parts, the QS2500 offers users superior longevity and an IP42 rated sealing and 1.5 meter drop rating provide it with the endurance and protection against dust and moisture it needs to succeed in most indoor applications. Its lightweight design allows it to be held comfortably, or it can be configured as a hands-free tabletop unit with a stand. The unit uses the same interfacing cables as other PSC handhelds eliminating the need to purchase extra cables. The QS2500 scanner is backed by a three warranty.


  • Retail
  • Light industrial
  • Office automation
  • Medical and document tracking
  • Inventory
  • POS and area registers


  • Extended depth-of-field
  • Reliable, long-lasting performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reads a variety of symbologies, including PDF417 and RSS
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