QK12 2D Stationary QR Code Scanner


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QK11 2D Stationary 2D Scanner QS20H 2D Barcode Wedge Reader

QK12 2D Stationary QR Code Scanner

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QK12 2D Stationary QR Code Scanner

QK12 2D Stationary QR Code Scanner

The QK12 2D stationary scanner has been designed to have superior readability of QR codes on mobile device screens and can read codes off LED screens, screens with the backlight off, LCD as well as standard codes printed on paper.

Superior Reading Speed

The QK12 2D Stationary Scanner also has a superior reading speed that has been optimized for mobile phones screens. Even on mobile phone LCD screens with different colours, contrasts and reflections, the QK11 maintains readability and decodes with speed and efficiency.

Easy to Use

To improve the usability and user-friendly interface of the QK12 2D, easy to access parameter settings that use QR code menus have been integrated into the device. The device can also be used and triggered from a host computer that can easily issue the device commands.

Light-Weight and Compact Size

The QK12 2D Stationary Scanner has been designed with a lightweight and compact form factor, allowing the device to be placed anywhere, even in small spaces.

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