QD20 2D Parts Traceability Scanner


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QD20 2D Parts Traceability Scanner

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Lasers > Denso
QD20 2D Parts Traceability Scanner

QD20 2D Parts Traceability Scanner

2D Code Direct marking scanner

  • Full adjustment functions
  • Best reading set by multiple-choices
  • Easy setting with a mouse
  • Efficient setup in limited space

Reading of direct marking 2D code

Using the latest image processing technology, the decoder can read direct marking 2D code as well as labels reliably. In addition, thanks to simple setting with a mouse, parts traceability management can be achieved with ease.

Full adjustment functions

Test mode function is employed to make sure of error correction number of QR Code and display detailed code information, which enables secure setup.

Illumination distribution function is employed to choose the most suitable illumination conditions.

Picture Memory Function

is employed to analyze and adjust the detailed cause of failure or defects, saving up to 10 reading failure pictures.

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