Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction


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Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction

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Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction

Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction

Set up Wi-Fi interactivity in order to engage your customers, optimize facility design, improve service, sharpen insights, and maximize your resource utilization. Motorola Solutions’ Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction system utilizes data from your WLAN network in order to enhance your business’ performance through improving awareness of customer presence, facilitating quick responses, identifying trends, and increasing quality and frequency of customer interactions.

Features and Benefits

The Proximity Awareness and Analytics solution enables enterprises to detect, analyze, and act upon location data acquired through Wi-Fi devices. The industry makes use of Motorola’s industry leading WLAN network services platform in order to provide you with a centralized, best-in-class RF analysis network with superior visualization technology and forensics capabilities. This system offers four key functions:

  • Presence – Recognizes customer proximity and allows them to interact with the Wi-Fi network by providing rule-based push to deliver benefits such as assistance, coupons, or messages.
  • Wi-Fi Analytics – Offers customer insight with detailed information on customer activity (repeat customers, per store visit time, total customers in store, and demographic profiles) as well as customer support programs to improve customer experience.
  • Locationing – Set a target zone which supports functionalities such as tailored assistance
  • Historic Location Analysis – Allows you to track Wi-Fi device locations and path over time. This provides insight and allows you to optimize your business environment

The system features an open API which enables you to share analytics data with third-party applications, allowing for the creation of a vendor-agnostic environment for developing and delivering location-based services to improve customer loyalty.

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