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Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery Barcode Scanner

The PHL 7000 Series Advanced Portable Data Terminal is specially designed to be flexible and modular to meet the variable needs of the end user. The PHL 7000 Series has communications options including Bluetooth™, WiFi (802.11) and GSM/GPRS (cellular) protocols, and has options for Opticon’s world renouned laser engine and CMOS 2D Imager. Additionally keypad, handle and a myriad of accessories make the PHL 7000 Series Advanced Portable Data Terminal the right tool for the job.

Proof of Delivery with Signature Capture

The main advantage of the PHL 7000 Series Advanced Portable Data Terminals is that it is much more flexible and configurable than other portable data terminals on the market today. Signature capture is easily implemented on this unit with the flexiblity to sign the screen with a stylus. It is rugged and in addition to its many accessories, third party accessories and software can be easily added to the PHL 7000 Series to make it even more relevant to the task at hand.

The PHL 7000 Series Advanced Portable Data Terminal is the perfect tool for your mobile workforce as they tackle field logistics applications, retail inventory, proof of delivery, route delivery and field sales/service automation. Bringing all of the options and accessories available with the PHL 7000 Series to the forefront, you are sure to keep your mobile workforce productive and efficient while ensuring that your technology budget is spent wisely.

  • Multi-Protocol Communication 
  • Rugged Design 
  • Windows CE 
  • Laser Scanner or CMOS Imager 
  • Alpha Numeric Keypad 
  • Multiple Accessories
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