PowerWedge 20 Barcode Decoder(1)


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PowerWedge 20 Barcode Decoder(1)

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Decoders
PowerWedge 20 Barcode Decoder(1)

PowerWedge 20 Barcode Decoder

The PowerWedge 20 is a universal barcode decoder designed to handle the most demanding scanning applications. The device can be used either as a serial wedge or keyboard wedge decoder. The PowerWedge 20 is capable of interfacing with over 300 computers and terminals; additionally, an external serial device can be connected via an auxiliary serial connector on the back of the device. Input editing capabilities allow users to format, redirect data, and control host indicators. The device is capable of automatically discriminating between 16 different barcode symbologies and is fully programmable via barcode menus, on-screen menus, serial batch, barcode batch labels, or cloning. A dual model is also available, which allows users to connect two different input devices as well as one magnetic stripe reader simultaneously.

A compact design, optimized performance, improved trigger modes, added symbologies, and backwards compatibility with all current decoder settings and cables offers superior flexibility. Multiple devices can be quickly set up via a cloning feature.

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