PowerScan 7000BT - Standard Range


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PowerScan 7000 SRI Industrial Strength Imager Scanner PowerScan D8300 Industrial Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader

PowerScan 7000BT - Standard Range

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PowerScan 7000BT - Standard Range

PowerScan® 7000BT - Standard Range

The PowerScan® 7000BT SRI is specifically designed to be the most durable, rugged, and reliable wireless industrial handheld scanner available. It is ideal for package handling, warehouse applications, tracking, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, as well as other indoor and outdoor applications.

By using thermoplastic hard casing, which is molded over with shock absorbing urethane, key points vulnerable to drops are protected. The casing protects these points and provides an additional level of shock protection for the device. It is capable of enduring 50 drops from a height of two meters (6 feet 6 inches) onto concrete. It has earned an IP65 rating and is sealed for protection against water and dust. It is capable of operating reliably in temperatures between -20° C and 50° C.

The PowerScan® 7000BT SRI features a solid state optical design. The advanced PSC optical design gives the device a depth of field that is unsurpassed by competing standard range imagers and laser scanners. For increased accuracy, a built in laser aiming beam is also available. High-speed digital hardware allows the device to read at a speed of 500 scans per second.

The PowerScan® 7000BT employs the use of Class 1 Bluetooth® technology in order to deliver a superior wireless experience and an RF range of over 100 meters. Bluetooth® 2.0 wireless eliminates RF interference and provides reliable performance both inside and outside. The PowerScan 7000BT is capable of connecting with not only its associated base station, but other Bluetooth® wireless devices such as cards in PC’s and VMT’s and “dongles” that plug into other terminals.

The base station for the PowerScan® 7000BT is flexible and can be connected to a wide variety of host terminals available, including USB, RS-232, Wand Emulation, Keyboard Wedge, and IBM POS interfaces. The scanner is compatible with most of cables already used by PowerScan and PowerScan 7000 laser imagers.


  • Rugged, solid state design
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology allows for use of the scanner from 100 meters (328’) away
  • Can be used with connectivity through the Base Station or directly to other Bluetooth® devices
  • Has earned an IP65 rating, the best water and dust sealing designation on the market
  • Best in class standard range depth of field (DOF)
  • Full multi-interface capability


  • Battery charger with four slots
  • Scan stand
  • Take-up reel
  • Fork lift mount/ holster
  • PowerHood
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