Penta HoloTrak Barcode Scanning and Sorting


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Penta HoloTrak Barcode Scanning and Sorting

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Penta HoloTrak Barcode Scanning and Sorting

Penta HoloTrak Barcode Scanning and Sorting

The Penta Series of HoloTrak laser barcode scanners from Metrologic offer an intuitive scanning and sorting solution for the fastest and widest conveyor belt applications of today. A long depth of field accommodates different sizes of packages.

The Penta Series scanners provide support for Metrologic’s LDIP Singulation Detector/ Dimensioner as well as QTrak parcel tracking system.

Six different models offer 600 mm, 1040 mm, or 1420 mm (26”, 41”, or 56”) scan areas in standard or high density label scanning modes. The standard models are capable of reliable performance with conveyor speeds of up to 3 meters/second (600 feet/ minute) while high density models are capable of reading from a distance of 460 mm (18”) at conveyor speeds of 1.5 meters/ second (300 feet/ minute).

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