PM9500 PowerScan Rugged Area Imager


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PM9500-DPM Rugged Direct Part Mark Imager PowerScan 2D Imager

PM9500 PowerScan Rugged Area Imager

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PM9500 PowerScan Rugged Area Imager

PM9500 PowerScan Rugged Area Imager

The PM9500 PowerScan rugged area imager features Datalogic’s STAR Cordless technology that provides you with a wireless imaging solution that works for all sorts of demanding applications. The STAR system works to expand the radio range and provides features that improve ease-of-use and versatility. The PM9500 series comes with the option for a model with 4 configurable keys and a display for added flexibility, and with its long battery life, the PM9500 is sure to last through a full day of intensive scanning.

The PM9500 PowerScan has been ergonomically designed and is very well-balanced. Combine this with an intuitive aiming system and comfortable handle, the PM9500 can easily read codes while simultaneously reducing wrist strain and improving user comfort. It also features a soft white light that is gentle on the eyes and reduces strain for the operator in intensive applications.


  • Snappy omnidirectional reading
  • Multi-point and point-to-point transmission
  • Soft white illumination
  • Available with optional display and 4-keys
  • High speed 910 Mhz and 433 Mhz radio communications
  • Networking and seamless roaming
  • Motion-sensing technology with Datalogic’s Motionix
  • Good read feedback with Datalogic’s 3 Green Lights technology and a loud beeper
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