PM4i RFID Printer(1)(1)


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PM4i RFID Printer(1)(1)

PM4i RFID Printer(1)(1)


  • Supports UHF Gen 2 
  • Protects customer investment with unique product features to support growth of future RFID standards 
  • First RFID printer to encode frequency agile UHF tags 
  • Simultaneously print barcodes, human readable text, and graphics 
  • Supports stand-alone printer applications 
  • Integrated EasyLAN™ Ethernet, USB, and serial interface standard 
  • Optional EasyLAN™ Wireless interface
Product Overview

The multi-function PM4i RFID printer gives you the reliability, ruggedness and performance you have come to expect in a barcode printer from Intermec, along with the latest RFID technology in the same box.

With the PM4i, companies can create RFID smart labels to drive RFID applications. By using frequency agile RFID tags, the PM4i can simultaneously encode and print labels that can be used worldwide, thus enabling the tag to be read via multiple frequencies, dependant on regional standards.

The PM4i printer can also act as a “smart client” executing user-defined programs for completely stand-alone printer applications. This means your PM4i printer can eliminate the personal computer, operate additional hardware (e.g. scanners, other printers, conveyors), access information from network host, and retain the ability to change with the application for additional functionality.

Integrated EasyLAN™ Ethernet, USB, and serial are standard interfaces with the PM4i printer. Users also have the option to add additional EasyLAN Wireless and / or industrial interface boards. The EasyLAN Wireless interface uses an integrated standard 802.11b radio. This radio provides 128-bit WEP encryption of the information relayed through the network. Intermec’s wired and wireless technology ensures secure printing and network infrastructure for all environments. 


The PM4i printer integrates into industrial manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics applications ensuring all items are labeled and tracked via RFID for quick and accurate data collection throughout the supply chain.

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