PM4i RFID Barcode Printer


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PM4i RFID Barcode Printer

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PM4i RFID Barcode Printer

PM4i RFID Barcode Printer

The PM4i RFID barcode printer offers the same rugged and reliable performance that you have come to know of Intermec products and adds the functionalities of the latest in RFID technologies. The PM4i simultaneously encodes and prints RFID labels to be used in RFID applications, thereby allowing the tag to be read on multiple frequencies, depending on regional standards. It can be seamlessly integrated into warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing environments where items can be labeled and tracked with RFID for accurate data collection across the supply chain.

The PM4i is also capable of acting as a standalone “smart client” device that can run user created programs designed for custom applications. This allows users to eliminate the need for a personal computer in the application at hand that would be needed to operate peripheral hardware such as scanners, conveyors, and other printers. The printer is also capable of accessing and retrieving information from the host network and the program it runs on can be modified to fit the application it is used for.

Serial, USB, and integrated EasyLAN™ Ethernet connectivity options are offered as standard features of the PM4i barcode printer. Additional industrial interface or EasyLAN Wireless boards can be added to the device. The PM4i offers a secure connection with 128-bit WEP encryption to safely relay information across the network.


  • Support for UHF Gen 2
  • Capability to grow to meet future RFID standards provides investment protection
  • Simultaneous printing of barcodes, graphics, and text
  • Integrated EasyLAN™ Ethernet, serial, and USB interfacing
  • Optional EasyLAN™ Wireless interfacing
  • First RFID printer capable of encoding UHF tags that are frequency agile
  • Allows for use of stand-alone, user-defined printer applications
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