PHL7254 Pharmaceutical Mobile Computer


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PHL7254 Pharmaceutical Mobile Computer

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PHL7254 Pharmaceutical Mobile Computer

PHL7254 Pharmaceutical Mobile Computer

The PHL7254 is the most advanced model of the PHL7000 range. This terminal is equipped with a 2D scan engine, enabling quick scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes. The full keypad and full color display enable easy readability and data input. Apart from WLAN and Bluetooth, data exchange occurs via GSM or GPRS.

The PHL7000 series consists of ruggedized terminals, equipped with Windows CE 5.0. All terminals in this range have several wireless communication options. WLAN and Bluetooth are standard available on the PHL7000 series. Two models are also equipped with GSM and GPRS. Additional, the serial connector provides the option to use a communication cable.

The physical design of these terminals offers a convenient balance for user operation with a graphic LCD display and keypad with backlight, providing excellent viewing in dim or bright lighting. The series supports two different keypad variations (alphanumeric and full keypad), with non-erasable keys and three different scan engines (barcode laser scanner, long range barcode laser scanning and 2D CMOS imager). The terminals can withstand drops of 1.5 meter on concrete and are protected from water and dust up to IP 54 standards.

With the 3000 mAh battery (or high capacity 4000 mAh battery) and the high performance processor, the PHL7000 series can run heavy applications. The internal SD slot can expand the data storage capacity and the accessories enable optimal use of the product.


Support your care management system with the most efficient model of the PHL7000 series, the 2D model. Patient records and other vital data are often collected on Data Matrix codes and other 2D barcodes. The PHL7254 can easily read these barcodes, placed on patient wristbands and pharmaceuticals. This works efficient and ensures care providers that information is accurately collected and communicated.


  • Intramural care efficiency
  • Pharmacy management
  • Electronic patient registration
  • Inventory management
  • Instant data mutations
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