PF2i RFID Baggage Tag Printer


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PF2i RFID Baggage Tag Printer

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PF2i RFID Baggage Tag Printer

PF2i RFID Baggage Tag Printer

The PF2i RFID Printer’s compact, rugged design makes it an ideal baggage tag printing solution for airline and transportation tasks where downtime must be eliminated and space is limited. This reliable, programmable printer was designed to streamline printing operations in the transportation industry and features a mean time failure of about 20,000 hours.

The PF2i RFID Baggage Tag Printer is offered in two different versions, both capable of RFID enabled external fan-folded tag printing and non-RFID boarding tickets that are credit-card sized. The Short Cover model is capable of printing baggage tags as wide as 56 mm (2.2 in) and is equipped with full-sized label rolls with a diameter as large as 213 mm (8.4 in), reducing the time wasted relating to frequent paper replenishment. The Big Top model allows for rolls with diameters of up to 185 mm (7.25 in) to be loaded.

Exceptional printing quality and throughput speeds are made possible by the PF2i, even while printing RFID labels. Built with a patented RFID radio module, the PF2i is able to encode and verify RFID tags thereby ensuring that viable tags are printed every time. It makes use of the newest RFID technologies, such as ISO 18000-6B, 6C, and EPC Generation 2. It is offered in a various UHF frequencies, making it ideal for use in most regions across the globe.

The PF2i leverages Smart Printing™ functionalities to enable it to emulate both older and competitive Intermec printers, such as the BT201, allowing users to seamlessly transition into the use of the latest RFID-enabled technology, a technology which is needed more and more every day in transportation and airline environments conscious of security issues.

The PF2i RFID baggage tag printer can be used in conjunction with the Intermec EasyCoder PF4i, which features 4-inch printing ideal for full-sized boarding passes, for improved productivity. Both devices run on the same software and are built with identical hardware run, meaning less stress for maintenance teams and better cost-efficiency.

A CompactFlash memory allows for quick memory expansion to store additional formats, fonts, and graphics. It also makes firmware upgrades a simple process.

A variety of connectivity options are available, offering additional flexibility in integrating the PF2i Bag Tag printer into your system. Not only does it feature RS232 and USB ports, but it can also be equipped with optional double serial, parallel, or industrial interfacing. The printer also features secure wireless interfacing options with 802.11b/g radio with 128-bit WEP encryption for the secure relay of information across the network.

The PF2i’s magnetic QuickMount™ printhead makes use of u-brackets and a magnet to ensure that the printhead is properly aligned when installed without having to use tools.


  • Verified meantime between failure of 20,000 hours
  • RFID – IATA 1740c Compliant
  • CompactFlash memory for quick and easy upgrades of firmware, font and memory
  • Superior throughput with exceptional print quality and long print-head life
  • Multiple connectivity options for flexible integration
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