PDT1475 Barcode Electronic Ordering System(1)


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PDT1475 Barcode Electronic Ordering System(1)

PDT1475 Barcode Electronic Ordering System(1)
Value-Priced Portable Data Collection Terminal


The Symbol PDT 1475 Portable Data Terminal is a must for applications where basic, 8-bit automatic bar code data capture makes the difference in your business. Symbol's PDT 1475 is the low-cost, reliable and flexible tool you need for practical automatic bar code data capture in the field, the warehouse, the office, or the store. 

Combining Function and Low-Cost Portability

A workhorse, the PDT 1475 is ideal for electronic order systems, sales order entry, retailer inventory control and market research. Plus, it also has a built-in Electronic Ordering System program that cuts your operational costs. You'll eliminate time- consuming, error-prone manual order processing and data entry; and you'll watch the PDT speed inventory, tighten security at the shipping and receiving dock, simplify sales call reporting and improve document tracking.

Weighing less than a pound/.45 grams, the PDT 1475 goes anywhere. Energy- efficient, it will operate for up to 100 hours on a single 9-volt battery, so you benefit from a longer up-time. Its sleek, comfortable styling means your operators will find it easy to use hour after hour. Its one- or two-line, 16-character display has an adjustable viewing angle that eases eye strain while increasing accuracy and productivity.

A Small Package with Big Performance

The PDT 1475 does what you want it to. Customize the programming to fit your application-in a hospital, pharmacy, convenience store, or at your manufacturing and distribution plant. Flexible configurations allow the PDT 1475 to accept keyed, or bar code data capture via a Symbol laser scanner or wand. It can also transmit data over the telephone via an acoustic modem or directly to your host system through an RS-232-C hook-up.

The PDT 1475 is backed by Symbol Technologies' worldwide service and support network. With 3.5 million laser scanners and terminals installed, Symbol is the world leader in bar code-driven data management systems.

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