PD8590-DPM Direct Part Mark Reader


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PD8590-DPM Direct Part Mark Reader

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PD8590-DPM Direct Part Mark Reader

PD8590-DPM Direct Part Mark Reader

The PD8590-DPM is a code reader that provides a solution for direct part marking applications—where the barcode has been applied directly to a surface rather than using a label. The PD8590-DPM direct part mark imager delivers ultra-high performance while remaining rugged, allowing it to be used in a number of demanding applications.

The PD8590-DPM comes with aggressive decoding algorithms and an embedded lighting system that prepares the device for any conditions when it comes to reading direct part markings. With its Multi-Axis lighting system, an even illumination is projected onto all kinds of surface, whether they are shiny, matte, flat, or curved.

With a processor that is able to quickly decode multiple symobologies, the PD8950-DPM maximizes operator productivity while still remaining easy-to-use. With an intuitive aiming system, reading direct part marks is as simple as pointing and clicking. The device provides feedback via indicator lights, beeps, and vibration, so you know when there was a successful read. In addition to these features, the PD8950 also has a single USB power connection for increased ease-of-use.


  • Rugged and industrial design
  • Multi-Axis Illumination
  • Aggressive decoding of codes marked with DPM
  • Vibrating motor for noisy industrial environments
  • RS-232 and USB interface options
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