PB41 Route Accounting Printer


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PB41 Route Accounting Printer

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PB41 Route Accounting Printer

PB41 Route Accounting Printer

The PB41 mobile receipt printer is ideal for route accounting, store delivery, logistics, field service, pre-sales, and home delivery applications. Daily route activities throughout a worker’s shift can be easily tracked when this device is paired with an Intermec 700 Series mobile computer. On demand printing enables you to provide receipts to customers immediately for prompt payment or in eliminate duplicate billing efforts.

The PB41’s lightweight, durable design allows it to be comfortably carried or mounted to a vehicle. The printing belt of the device is built to endure the rugged conditions it may be exposed to on the road while its high-density resilient polyethylene case is virtually indestructible, allowing the device to endure multiple drops from four feet onto concrete. The device can be operated by mounting it to a vehicle or through battery operation. It is capable of operating effectively in temperatures as low as -20° C.

A variety of wired and wireless connectivity options are available to the PB41. It offers integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless interfacing for mobile workers. It is also equipped with bi-directional communication that allows workers to issue requests for wireless printer statuses and configuration.


  • Rugged, lightweight design
  • Designed to be partnered with an Intermec 700 Series Mobile Computer
  • Resilient high-density polyethylene case
  • Integrated Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless connectivity
  • Capable of performing printer configuration and status requests
  • Capable of reliable operations in temperatures as low as -20° C
  • Optional external paper load
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