P300PRO Extreme Temperature Barcode Reader


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P300PRO Extreme Temperature Barcode Reader

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P300PRO Extreme Temperature Barcode Reader

Designed for Extreme Environments (XE)

The P300PRO meets the most stringent industrial standards, earning the Symbol XE class label. It is sealed to the IP54 specification against windblown dust and rain, and withstands multiple 6-ft./1.8 m drops to concrete over the entire temperature range of -22¢X to 122¢XF/-30¢X to 50¢XC.

Its XE class ruggedness and high-throughput scanning ability make the P300PRO an ideal choice for a wide range of 2-D and 1-D applications in industrial environments such as distribution centers, manufacturing floors and warehouses.

 Innovative Design Features

As innovative as it is rugged, the P300PRO delivers the sophisticated ergonomic and operational features industrial applications demand. The scanner's exit window is scratch-resistant and recessed to prevent damage from direct contact. A twist-to-lock cable seals the scanner and provides superior strain relief. For those applications requiring quick access and out-of-the-way storage, the P300PRO comes with a built-in metal hook for attachment to a pulley. And the large, LED-enhancing window and extra loud 75 dB twin beepers make the "good decode" feedback impossible to miss. The P300PRO also utilizes the award-winning Phaser "handle-forward" design making the scanner extremely comfortable to hold and reduces fatigue when scanning throughout a full shift in scan-intensive applications

High-Productivity Scanning

When high-productivity scanning is required, the P300PRO delivers 560 scans per second for faster 2-D and 1-D bar code reading. This high-performance field-proven 650 nm laser technology makes easy work of difficult applications like scanning through layered plastic wrap or glass such as an automobile windshield. In addition to great performance, the P300PRO excels at handling real-world conditions such as poor ambient lighting, conveyer belt vibrations and hand jitter caused by fast-paced volume scanning. With point-and-shoot aiming, the programmable laser spot mode focuses the laser output into a very bright, concentrated spot for easy sighting on symbols even in direct sunlight. Making it easy for first-time users, smart raster automatically detects a 2-D bar code and scans it vertically, eliminating the need for manual rastering. This feature further increases your productivity by scanning only the symbol, and none of the blank area, text or other symbols around it.

Easy System Integration

Enabling effortless connectivity to hosts, the P300PRO has a direct-connect RS-232 capability and Symbol's Synapse "smart" cable connectivity to all popular host terminals including those using USB ports. Synapse "smart" cables eliminate the need for separate scanner-to-host interface controllers. In addition, the P300PRO has built-in Advanced Data Formatting (ADF), giving you the ability to modify the bar code data string before sending it to your host. This feature frees your application from the burdens of data formatting.

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