Order Picking Barcode System


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Order Picking Barcode System

Order Picking Barcode System

Order Picking Barcode Hardware

The Falcon™ 325 portable data terminal has all the features of the Falcon 320 - a 16-line backlit display screen, a 33 MHz 486-class processor, and a 57-key alphanumeric keyboard—with the added benefit of RF connectivity for real-time data collection. The Falcon 325 is well suited for order picking applications.
The Falcon 325 is particularly ideal for data collection where physical distances prohibit hardwired systems such as in warehouses and store rooms. Our 2.4 GHz radio frequency terminals have raised the bar in information management collection, allowing information to be transmitted instantly, in real time, without the use of harriers and cables. the Falcon 325 is ready to go where the work is.

Warehous Order Picking Systems

Falcon wireless terminals provide fast, accurate real-time data collection for legacy and stand-alone applications. The Falcon family of terminals come with powerful and flexible software tools that make it easy to create the perfect application to collect and manage data.


OCR offers many order picking applications and one system will be just right for your operations. Other applications include inventory control, shipping and receiving, factory floor data collection, and warehousing. Falcon can be used in a variety of industries such as health care, retail, manufacturing and transportation.
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