OPL9725 Cell Phone Barcode Scanner


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OPL9725 Cell Phone Barcode Scanner

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OPL9725 Cell Phone Barcode Scanner

The OPL 9725 now makes data capture easy for everyone! Small and lightweight, these handheld laser terminals collect your information at an impressive 100 scans per second. With enough memory to accommodate an entire day of scanning, the OPL is handy for gathering market research data, creating lists or numerous other home or professional data collection tasks. An integral real-time clock enables each record to be tagged with a date/time stamp for accuracy.

The OPL 9725 features IrDA wireless communication which permits cable free portability. Collect your information in a remote location such as a store or warehouse and return to your desired IrDA equipped device such as a PDA, mobile printer, tablet PC or cellular phone for wireless download of your data.

Various cradle products are available to provide charging or charging with communications options. The IrDA interface within the cradle allows data transfer when the scanner is inserted for charging. The multiple station cradle permits charging of up to 5 terminals simultaneously. You can also daisy chain up to 16 cradles to a single host computer to form a network.

A backup battery enables extended use between recharging cycles because it allows the storage of data even after the rechargeable batteries have been drained. Custom applications can be developed using the available Software Development Kit (SDK).

The rugged OPL 9725 is designed to meet IP 54 standards for dust and moisture intrusion.

OPL 9725 Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
Small size and lightweight Increased mobility
Flash ROM and RAM memory Allows application and data storage
Single key operation Easy and fail-safe data collection
IrDA interface Communicates easily with other IrDA devices
IP 54 Protects against dust and moisture

The OPL supports following Symbologies: Chinese Post 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 11, Code 39, Code93, Code 128, EAN, EAN-UCC Composite (CC-A, B & C), IATA, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Italian Pharmaceutical, Matrix 2 of 5, MicroPDF, MSI Plessey, PDF417, RSS-14, RSS-Limited, RSS-Expanded, S Code, Telepen, UK Plessey, UPC A & E.

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