OPL6845R Rental Barcode Scanner


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OPL6845R Rental Barcode Scanner

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OPL6845R Rental Barcode Scanner

OPL6845R Rental Barcode Scanner

This small 1D barcode reader features a compact and lightweight design. The OPL6845R scans 100 times per second. This high performance laser scanner provides a fast and accurate scan, even when barcodes are printed with low contrast.

The OPL6845R fits naturally in your hand, however can also be used for hands-free scanning. The integrated auto trigger mode together with the dedicated stand enables hands-free operation, improving productivity of your staff. The large base plate provides a stable position and a clear working spot on the desktop.


The OPL6845R uses very little counter space and blends well with other office furniture, as it is available in black and white. The OPL6845R is ruggedized enough withstand drops of 1.5 meter onto concrete.

Plug & play

Available in USB, RS232 and Keyboard Wedge connectivity options, the OPL6845R can be easily integrated into any host computer system as a plug and play device.

Media Rentals

Libraries, video stores and other rental shops can profit from the barcode scanning technology. Scanning the barcode on the back of a book, video or music disc, as well as scanning the barcode on a customer's pass, offers quick lookup and entry in the database. The information helps to maintain accurate data of customers, rentals, missing items, invoices, late charges, payments and so on.


  • Check new materials
  • Register rent outs
  • Media database entry
  • Notify overdues and fine rates
  • Membership control
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