OPI3601 Lightweight Imager


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OPI3601 Lightweight Imager

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OPI3601 Lightweight Imager

OPI3601 Lightweight Imager

Opticon's OPI3601 is the newest leading class 2D imager that has been designed specifically to be lightest and smallest handheld barcode scanner that is available on the market today.

The OPI3601 has been designed as a pistol style CMOS 2D imager scanner and is supplied with the complete kit including a hands free stand that allows users to have access to the complete solution and be able to scan hands free.

It features a superior quality scan engine that allows it to read the most difficult of barcodes whether they're displayed on mobile devices or printed codes. The OPI3601 has been designed with an enhanced motion tolerance that allows you to scan faster and also features an LED aiming function that allows you to quickly and simply operate the device.

Complimenting this performance, the device is also rugged and is capable of withstanding 1.5 meter drops onto concrete as well as a 2 year warranty.

Typical Applications for the OPI-3601 are:

  • Scan GS1 Data Matric codes at the point of sale
  • Scan coupons off of mobile devices
  • Capable of scanning wrist bands and patient management for healthcare applications
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