OPI2201 Point of Sale Barcode Scanner


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OPI2201 Point of Sale Barcode Scanner

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OPI2201 Point of Sale Barcode Scanner

OPI2201 Point of Sale Barcode Scanner

This handheld scanner is a lightweight CMOS auto-focus imager, providing an accurate scan of both 1D and 2D codes. The optics feature self-adaption of the lens to focus on varying distances.

The OPI2201, withstanding multiple drops up to 1.5 meters onto concrete, is designed for aggressive reading of barcodes from varying distances, creating sharp contrast images from 5 cm up to 1.5 meter. Even barcodes on difficult to reach angles can easily be scanned.


This imager consists of a real-time adapting lens, a fast shutter speed and auto-contrast control. Technology that provides good performance, increases the resistance to hand movement and creates sharp contrast images. This auto-focus function improves the motion tolerance from one work location by the ability to scan labels nearby, at far distances and difficult to reach angles.


The scan head of the OPI2201 rests on a sleek and balanced pistol grip, providing comfort during use. The plug and play ability of the OPI2201 allows the user to quickly connect and operate the scanner.


The OPI2201 is extremely suitable to make images with at the point-of-sale. These images can be submitted and processed electronically. It enables retailers to check customer information and capture the information on the host system. Apart from that, an image of a customer's signature can be made, in order to verify a transaction. At check-out, the OPI2201 makes it easy to identify even bulky products. The auto-focus function enables easy reading of barcodes from various distances and difficult to reach angles.


  • Item identification
  • Price checking
  • Signature capture
  • Mobile couponing
  • Loyalty card identification
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