OPI2002 Imager


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OPI2002 Imager

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OPI2002 Imager

The OPI 2002 is an ergonomic handheld Imager scanner designed specifically for user comfort. The 1.3 megapixel imager provides the versatility to read all standard 1D and 2D barcode symbologies from any orientation. The device is fast and snappy – perfect for POS cash-wraps and stock room environments where quick aims and fast scans are key to moving product or SKUs and getting things done.

The OPI 2002 tackles linear barcodes, two dimensional barcodes, omni-directional reading, or image based data capture effortlessly which saves employees time where second add up.

The pistol-style grip, designed specifically to reduce physical stress and user fatigue, is comfortable for continuous all-day or repetitive use and keeping employees attentive and productive. It also features a rubber stabilizer around the pistol grip for maximum comfort. The light-weight scanner weighs just 4.8 ounces yet is sturdy and strong. It withstands repetitive 6 feet drops onto concrete and is IP 42 rated for dust and moisture.

The OPI 2002 is plug-and-play ready with your POS system. It's compatible with all industry standard PC keyboard emulation and available with USB, keyboard wedge and RS232 interfaces.

Opticon's cabled handheld scanners have been available for more than a decade in Europe and Asia where they're a leading retail scanner. Find out what the rest of the world already knows – Opticon cabled scanners have extremely high quality, last forever, have no down time and bring you high ROI!

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