OPD7435 Imager


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OPD7435 Imager

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OPD7435 Imager

The OPD 7435 is a high performance, dual purpose CMOS imager. Not only does it read all the common linear barcodes, it also provides reading of two dimensional barcodes. The imager utilizes a sensitive 640 x 480 CMOS image sensor that provides reliable reading of all barcodes.

User programmable settings allow the imager to be configured to match a broad range of installations and applications. 32-Bit microprocessor operation provides fast decoding. The OPD 7435 is lightweight, yet rugged, and is built to last. It was designed for rough handling in tough environments and is lightweight enough for use in office or retail applications.

Internal AutoSense technology (adjustable) allows trigger-less handheld operation or truly hands-free operation without the need for a special stand. Enhanced software logic and detailed productive imaging options give you total programmable control of the imager in the AutoSense mode. The OPD 7435 comes in a high density and low density models so that you can choose the right scanner for the quality of barcodes you commonly read.

  • Low Power Consumption 
  • Supports 1D and 2D Symbologies 
  • Multiple Connect Interfaces 
  • IP 42 Rated 
  • High and Low Density Versions 
  • Can Read from Mobile Phone
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