NetFORCE-19 Forklift Terminal


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NetFORCE-19 Forklift Terminal

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NetFORCE-19 Forklift Terminal

NetFORCE-19 Forklift Terminal

The NetFORCE-19 vehicle mounted terminal is a compact and rugged platform that comes with an enclosure that can be readily mounted to any sort of vehicle. With its high resolution, high visibility, sunlight-readable touch screen, advanced CPU architecture, and rugged enclosure, the NetFORCE-19 provides you with the horsepower needed to run intensive applications in any sort of environment. It also features a wide-input DC power system and an uninterruptible battery backup that provides the NetFORCE-19 with a high level of performance that will remain up-and-running.

Full-screen, small foot-print, rugged system

The NetFORCE-19 vehicle-mount terminal gives you a balance between power and display size. With a 1.8GHz CPU that has been optimized for maximum performance and a bright, high-visibility 19” diagonal actives screen, the NetFORCE-19 allows your workers to run graphic and data intensive applications.

Advanced thermal management

The NetFORCE-19 is based on Citadel Computer’s Solid-core thermal technology that provides the device with a rock-solid and efficient platform for running Windows/Linux/Citrix applications.

Uninterruptable Battery Back-up and Intelligent Power

The NetFORCE-19 includes an advanced wide-input power system that includes an uninterruptible power supply integrated in the device that provides protection against brown/black outs and keeps operation continuous if power is lost. The device also comes with advanced options which provide control over numerous mandatory safety features and operator preferences, including the blanking of the screen when a vehicle is moving. The system also has optional expansions including Compact FLASH, mini PCI Express, PCMCIA and ExpressCARD slots.

Rugged, compact sealed enclosure

Measuring in at 19.25”x16.25”x3.3”, the NetFORCE-19 features a compact and rugged enclosure that is ready to be installed on vehicles, including forklifts, emergency vehicles, trucks and service vehicles. The device has been certified to UL50E Type-4 standards and also has IP66 and NEMA-4 ratings for sealing against dirt, dust, and water. All of this means that the NetFORCE-19 vehicle-mount terminal can deliver solid performance in even the most demanding of applications.

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